What is Adrenochrome and who uses it?

March, 5th 2021

Adrenochrome is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3 produced by the oxidation of adrenaline. I’m sure you’ve heard of organ harvesting and child trafficking right? Did you know that some of these kids are held in CYM detention centers as young as 4 years old? I included a few pages from the inmate reports. The youngest children on the list are age 6 but they have been in custody for up to 21 months. Why would a detention center lock kids up at age 4, and why would they need to know the “Adrenochrome quality,” or the “Due to disposal” date, or “daily quota?” Well, Adrenochrome is a chemical produced in the body and when a child is terrified it increases their adrenaline. After the child is killed they use a needle and syringe in the back of the neck and spinal cord to collect the Adrenochrome. Every one of all ages has Adrenochrome but not nearly as much as children have because us adults don’t have as much adrenaline. How much does it does it cost? As of July 5th, 2020 Adrenochrome was $1100-$1200 per mg for B- or below quality with a 250 mg minimum order would put the low end cost at $275,000. If you want the A, A+, or A++ quality you only need to order 100 mg at a time but its $1920 per mg for a total of $192, 000 per order. Adrenochrome apparently makes you look youngest for a short period of time and it has psychoactive properties and can be used as a mind control drug. Who uses this stuff? Mark Zuckerberg admitted it, The elites/illuminati, celebrities world leaders, pedophile rings ect. Look at people like Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Ellen Degeneres, the Pope, and the rest of the black eye club that are accused of being in the swamp. I can’t prove any of these people use it but here's a website with TONS of links for you to do your own research as I always suggest you do anyway. We are just trying to get the information out there and do our part in "Draining the Swamp."




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