Voter Fraud in America

March 5th, 2021

Meet Raquel Rodrigues from Texas, you will see her on video committing wide scale voter fraud and bragging about how much money she made doing it. “He was paying me $5,000 a month, but now he’s paying me $8,000 a month, why? Because I took on his extra jobs,” she said. She was recently arrested for voter fraud related charges. Persuading votes, ballot harvesting, giving gifts for votes, paying bar tabs receiving money for doing it and how many other crimes did I miss? I was just going to write a simple little thing so I could slip the Mike Lindell voting fraud video in but then I thought of her and decided to add this story in since its about voter fraud. In Illinois, a 13 year old voted, not only did Pennsylvania have dead people voting but they were among many other states that have changed their voting laws illegally. Can't forget the forensics and the proof of every time a vote was switched and their IP address. I could go on for hours about the voting fraud allegations and that’s what Mike Lindell did watch it here. He lost his freedom of speech because they banned this video on most social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Much respect to One America News (OAN) network, they played it over and over for days. It was also available on Telegraph, Rumble, Bitchute, and Mewe, I'm glad to see and happy to support any platform that still believe in the 1st Amendment. No voter fraud happen though right? I would tell you to do your own research but you wont have to just watch the Mike Lindell video.

Mike Lindell voter fraud proof

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