Should Facebook have pedophile checkers?

Written by Guess Who from MAD News

March 3, 2021

Facebook was named the world’s number one hub of reported child sex abuse material (CSAM) in 2019 and it accounted for 94% with 15.8 million cases.

Is Facebook a hotspot for child sex abuse images? That question has seemed to be asked in many articles that I've read, and I have personally reported images and comments about CSAM. I went as far as commenting screenshots of abuse on Mr. Zuckerberg’s personal Facebook page and tagging him in it. As I was gathering this evidence, I see that Zuck edited my post to remove my tag but he still did nothing about the abuse I tagged him in. I formed my own personal opinions about Mark Zuckerberg by doing my own research, comparing his character to the multiple allegations, and by watching him take absolutely no action in the matters. Not to mention, Zuckerberg has not filed any defamation suits to my knowledge. With all the fact checkers on Facebook and their ability to flag your post with a false news, and even warn you before you hit send, I would assume they could prevent child sex material right?

Facebook would rather criticize and ban people for posting pictures of Obama’s daughters’ credit card next to lines of cocaine and the ones of Lady Gaga smoking crack with Hunter in a hotel room than worry about being labeled “a hotspot for child sex abuse images.” 18 U.S. Code § 2258 mandates places like Facebook to report child sex images as soon as they become aware of it but like Sgt. Wade Williams with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office said “The law just says if they become aware of it, then they have to report it. It doesn’t say how good of a job they have to do to look for it.” My point is, if fact checkers can stop free speech and censor us if they don’t like your views and statements then why can’t they stop CSAM on their platform?

I find it very odd and malice that he wouldn’t use his intelligence to save our children. Around the age 12, he used the Atari BASIC to create a messaging program he named "Zucknet." According to “His father used the program in his dental office, so that the receptionist could inform him of a new patient without yelling across the room. The family also used Zucknet to communicate within the house.” Zuckerberg is a very smart man, even though he dropped out of Harvard, and not because he couldn’t cut it either.


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