Pizza Gate and Comet Ping Pong

March 10, 2021

Comet Ping Pong is owned by James Alefantis or should I say James Rothchild, or should I say jimmycomet ? James Alefantis goes by jimmycomet on Instagram and look at his sick pictures along with the comments and tell me that Comet Ping Pong is just a pizza shop with a ping pong table conspiracy theory. A user from Anonymous Conservative that goes by Turkey says “His name sounds an awful lot like J’aime al’enfants which means “I love the child” in French .” It really does look it up. The main stream media puppets won’t talk about pizza gate and Comet Ping Pong because they are owned by the swamp and are part of it. Mad News Info is independent and we will give you all the best news and info from all the best and most trusted sources and we include proof. James Alefantis is said to be one of the 50th most powerful people in DC according to GQ magazine. Do you remember the leaked emails involving John Podesta? Well, he also happens to be good friends with the owner of Comet Ping Pong. James Alefantis also was said to be a key supporter to Hillary Clinton when she ran for president. Whistleblower Frank Parlato has some interesting stories about Hillary and her child sex trafficking ring. Ryan Dark White also has some interesting stories about her as well but those stories are for another day. While the democrats and main stream media called pizza gate a conspiracy theory the evidence and proof shows the truth. I find it strange that multiple friends of Hillary Clinton are involved in child sex trafficking and pizza gate but she’s not. How does the saying go? “You are the company you keep.”

My sources and other good articles are below. Very good reads and lots of info I suggest browsing threw them.

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Whistleblower against Hillary Clinton

Allison Mack connected to Hillary Clinton

Allison Mack connected to Hillary Clinton

James Alefantis aka 'Jimmy Comet' ?

Gotta love reddit

James Alefantis Instagram (It's private now)

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