Lin Wood released Ryan Dark White transcripts

Updated: Mar 31

FULL Transcript of Whistleblower Intervi
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March 5th, 2021

Ryan Dark White was the whistle blower that had and released information that will sink the swamp, such as murder, rape, treason, torture, and every other crime you can think of. Many believe Mr. White was or at least his information is the “Kraken” you hear Sidney Powell and others talk about. These 191 page transcripts from Ryan Dark White’s interviews are straight from Lin Wood’s Dropbox. People discussed here include: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Sean Henry FBI, Shaun Bridges Secret Service, Joseph Rosati DEA, Alan Boroshok ATF, Gregory Utz TFO, Joe Biden, and his son Beau Biden, Barrack Obama, former Vice President Mike Pence and his nasty wife, Hillary Clinton, Chief Justice Roberts, Mitt Romney, murder of Seth Rich, M-13 gang, assassination plots against Federal Judges F. Dennis Saylor, Martha Coakley, Lisa Monaco, and many more.

I must warn you of three things before you dig into the 191 pages transcripts: They are graphic and involve violence, murder, torture, rape and other graphic material; you will want to read them all in one sitting. Please share the transcripts we need to get this information out to as many people as we can! Stay tuned for many more articles and proof that you won’t see too many places.


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