"I had about eight inches of intestine distended from my rectum" Quotes "Interview about Torture"

April 7, 2021

Here are a few quotes from transcripts from Ryan Dark White. He is the whistle blower that Lin Wood talks about. I posted "Interview about Torture" section below as well as the full 191 page transcripts.

“But they had me incarcerated in 2009, 2010 for seven and a half months. They starved me, they beat me. I lost 147 pounds in four and a half months, over half my body weight. Regular beatings, regular torture.”

“They would pick me up and take me out on their authority. They would do it down the road, in the car, wherever, depending on what time they had. It got so bad that the -- there were prisoners in there, and correctional officers were trying to help me survive. The warden actually stepped up and got in touch with the sheriff and said, "This can't continue," and on their authority they tried to get me out, but the judge was controlled.”

INTERVIEWER:· · · · -- you were removed from jail?

INTERVIEWEE:· · · · Oh, yeah. And when I came back I was in such bad shape that they didn't wanna sign me back in. They didn't wanna be blamed for it.

INTERVIEWER:· · · · Hmm.

INTERVIEWEE:· · · · A couple times I came back I went right to Medical and I -- I would stay three, four days in Medical just to try to recover from what they had done.

INTERVIEWER:· · · · Are your medical records still available for that period of time in jail?

INTERVIEWEE:· · · · Most of them are.

INTERVIEWER:· · · · Documenting your weight loss and your injuries upon return?

INTERVIEWEE:· · · · Oh, yeah.· And the surgeries1 necessary for repair and things afterwards.

“And they were gonna do whatever they wanted because hey were Feds, they didn’t want anybody around, so we'd come back and once again I was in horrible condition – bleeding, busted up, whatever, barely able to move -- and the warden said "We're not doing this."So, he told them that "You can't use guns anymore." He wouldn't let them bring their guns in. These were Federal agents. He was trying to help. So -- Warden DeHaven. He's a nice man. So, he wouldn't let them bring their guns in anymore. So, again they show up. Here comes -- and at this point I've lost over half my body weight. I'm bleeding from every orifice. They practically have to scrape me up, put me in a chair and get me up there, and they just continue their beatings. At one point they had -- I -- threw me on the floor

and left me there and like three days later I'm in the same spot, and they came to get me and they're kicking me because they're so mad that they -- we have to -- they couldn't have their fun again. I had about eight inches of intestine distended from my rectum; it prolapsed because they kicked me in the stomach so much.”

“I'm completely in cuffs and ankle chains, everything – and there are cans out there, five-gallon cans of kerosene and diesel fuel, so he started pouring that in my face, basically waterboarded me with kerosene and diesel fuel. And that was the first time I couldn't see. The burning was indescribable. It caused a lot of damage. I had to have seven and a half hours of reconstructive surgery inside to fix it as much as possible. It's all scar tissue now.· I don't smell much.”

“And they would do -- they had arranged for things like -- this facility, Har-Can [phonetic] Detention Center, had a Mersa outbreak at this time, and they took me out of one cell where I was laying on the floor most of the time and put me with some guy that had virulent Mersa ---- hoping I'd catch it. Yeah. He was losing chunks of scalp and hair. And I'm just steadying on the bed, you know. I can't move. I was very weak, and I was bleeding everywhere. So, I woke up one day and one his scabs that he

constantly picked off was in my ear, 'cause he would pick them off on the top bunk and just drop them to where I was. So, about the most I could do, I'd make it over to the sink, which was behind the toilet, to get water, and that would wear me out. I'd collapse. I was on about 600 calories a week -- not a day, a week.”

“And the particular judge at that time was a pedophile, a known pedophile –

INTERVIEWER:· · · · (Interposing) What's –what's his name?

INTERVIEWEE:· · · · William O. Carr.· And Rod certainly controlled him.· William Carr impregnated his own daughter, had his daughter's last grandchild from her. When the child was born he used his pull and his judgeship to have the daughter committed as crazy, whatever, and now he took

away custody.”

INTERVIEWER:· · · · (Interposing) Do you know if they had -- if they had leverage on this specific judge? Rosenstein and --

INTERVIEWEE:· · · · Oh, yeah, they know he is.· Oh, yeah, they have it. They may know the specifics of everything he's done.”

Interview about Torture
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