Here is how to get the Insurance files that Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and Kappy talked about.

April 7, 2021

Before you get all hyped up just know that its not as easy as just having the files and putting in the password. Its encrypted and just one of the insurance files is 94 GB, and another is 90 GB. Then to download them you have to know a little about VPN’s to conceal your ip address because these torrents are being tracked, and you need to know a little about torrents and then you have to wait and connect to peers and trust me not many people know where to get these files to even download them. There was between 15-31 peers for the files when I checked today. The contents of these files have already gotten Kappy and Seth Rich killed, and Ryan Dark White tortured. Mad News Info is not responsible for what you do with this information, if you decide to download these files you take full responsibly. Also note that most virus protection software will determine that torrent files are not safe and contain a virus. I highly suggest NOT trying to download these files unless you have a experience and know what you are doing. Good luck to anyone that tries to get into the files, if you need assistance or you have gotten into the insurance files Mad News Info would love to hear from you.

Ok so, follow this link and scroll down until you see VAULT 7. Below vault 7 the 8th, 9th, and 10th links are 3 of the 4 insurance files.




AND also this file way down under this file name:


The picture below Lin Wood posted to his Parlor account a few months ago.

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