Question and Answers

Why did you start Mad News Info?

I was sick of being banned on Facebook for trying to wake people up or posting funny memes, so I decided to build Mad News Info so I could freely and openly inform people of what's going on without censorship.

Can I make my own thread or section?

YES! We ask that you try to make your thread in the correct topic or the "Chill Spot" section. We ask if you post adult related stuff to please post it in the "Members Only" Section so we can assure only adults have access. If you're not sure where to make your thread just post it anyone you think it fits and we'll move it needed.

What kind of information can I expect to find on Mad News Info?

Mad News Info has documented evidence about Covid-19, we also have lots of corruption files and evidence against the elites. We also have information about 9/11, January 6th, voter fraud, and SO MUCH MORE!

I have information I would like to share, or I am a writer can I join the team?

Mad News Info is always looking for great content to share, so feel free to post anything you wish on our site within the laws. Or if you prefer, you can message us and send us your content threw email.